Terminal Services Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to configure terminal sessions.

To access

Use one of the following:

  • In the Select Load Generators dialog box, select a load generator and click the Terminal Services button . For details, see Select Load Generators Dialog Box.

  • In the Automatch Load Generators Properties dialog box, select a load generator then click Terminal Services. For details, see Automatch Load Generators Properties Dialog Box.

  • During Runtime, on the Performance Test Run page, click the Load Generators button. Then click Terminal Sessions Settings.

Important information

During runtime, you can set or change terminal services settings only when the load generator is non-operational.

Relevant tasks

How to Create a Terminal Session

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Enable Terminal Services

Applies the settings to the load generator running on the terminal server.

Number of Terminal Services to open on Load Generator

Enter the number of terminals in your performance test.

Note: You must open a terminal session for each terminal on which you want to run Vusers during the performance test.

Maximum number of Vusers to run in a Terminal Service

Enter the maximum number of Vusers that you want to run in a terminal session.

Note: The maximum number of Vusers depends on the Vuser type used in the script. For GUI Vusers, the maximum is one Vuser for each terminal session.

Create new Terminal Services sessions

Enables the Controller to launch terminal sessions automatically using the Remote Desktop Connection.

Connect to existing Terminal Services session

Enables a connection to an existing terminal session.