Output Details Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to view details of messages that are received during a test run.

To access

On the Performance Test Run page, in the Details pane, click Messages. Then in the grid, click the number of messages for the message type whose details you want to view. For more details about the Messages view of the Details pane, see Performance Test Run Page (Online Screen).

Relevant tasks

How to Manage a Performance Test Run.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Opens the Vuser activity log, which enables you to view a list of messages per individual Vuser. The log contains the following information:

  • Activity log for Vuser. The selected Vuser whose ID is being displayed.

  • Refresh. Enables you to refresh the log.

  • Download log. Enables you to download the log.

  • Log Message area. Displays a list of all messages received for the selected Vuser.

  • Snapshot. Generates a snapshot (a graphical representation of the Web page) of the point in the test run where an error occurred. Before using this feature, you must enable the Generate snapshot on error option in the script's runtime settings. For details on the runtime settings, see Runtime Settings Configuration.

Enables you to refresh the dialog box information.

Clears all messages.
Filtered By

Indicates the filter in use. To change the filter, click the drop-down arrow.

Script The name of the script.

<group by items>

When viewing messages, you can group records according to the selected field.

To do so, drag a column heading and drop it in the blue area to group by that column.

Click to clear the grouping selection.

Note: If you group records by more than one field, select fields in the hierarchical order that you want them to be displayed. You cannot select a field that has already been selected.

By default, columns are grouped by Message.

<grid filters>

Displays a grid filter box under each column name, enabling you to define a filter condition for a column.

Type directly into the box, or click the box to display the browse button, which opens the Select Filter Condition dialog box.


The time the message was generated.


The type of message. The possible message types are:

  • Notify. Provides runtime information.

  • Error. Usually indicates that the script failed.

  • Warning. Indicates that the Vuser encountered a problem, but that the test continued to run.

  • Debug. Sent only if the debugging feature is enabled in the Controller. To enable the feature, select Tools > Performance Center Controller Options > Debug Information.


The message code.


The received message.


The host that generated the message.


The script that generated the message.


The action in the script where the message was generated.


The line in the script where the message was generated.


The iteration during which the message was generated.


The Vuser which generated the message.