How to Create and Configure Monitor Profiles

This task describes how to create and configure a monitor profile.

Note: This task is part of a higher-level task. For details, see Manage Testing Assets.

To learn more about monitor profiles, see Monitor Profiles Overview.

  1. Prerequisites

    To use the following monitors, you must first install or configure monitoring components on the server machine. For task details about configuring the monitoring components, see the specific monitoring sections listed below.

  2. Create a monitor profile

    1. On the My Performance Center navigation bar, select Resources > Test Resources.

    2. Click New Monitor Profile . The Create New Monitor Profile dialog box, enabling you to add a new monitor profile.
    3. In the Monitor Profile page, click the Add Monitor button . In the Add New Monitor page that opens, select the monitor that you want to run.
    4. In the Edit Monitor dialog box, enter the required information and select the counters that you want to monitor. The Edit Monitor page varies depending on which monitor type you select:

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