How to Configure Runtime Settings

This task describes how to open and configure runtime settings to define the way a script runs.

To configure the runtime settings in a Vuser script:

  1. On the My Performance Center navigation bar, select Test Management > Test Plan. Select a performance test in the test plan tree and click Edit Test.

  2. In the Groups & Workload view, select a Vuser group and click Edit Runtime Settings . The Edit Runtime Settings dialog box opens.

  3. Select the runtime settings type to edit and define the required information.

    • Different combinations of runtime settings are available for each protocol. When you open the runtime settings, only the relevant nodes will be displayed.

    • If you do not edit the runtime settings, the script runs using the default runtime settings, or the last saved runtime settings if the script was recorded in VuGen.

    • For information about each of the runtime settings, see the mouse over hints by each field in the Description pane of the Runtime Settings window.

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