How to Create PAL Data Sets from BSM

This task describes how to create and export a .zip file of application related data and monitoring tools configuration (such as actions, transactions, load, traffic, RUM topology, and SiteScope monitors) from HPE Business Service Management (BSM) to Performance Center.

You export the data for a specific application and for a selected time range. If the time range you select is greater than one hour, BSM calculates the busiest hour within the selected time range (based on the number of actions) and exports the data for that one hour period only. The data is exported to a number of different files, contained in a .zip file with the default name of <selected application name>_<selected start date and time>_<selected end date and time>.zip.

For more details on creating data sets from BSM, see the HPE BSM Application Administration Guide.

Note: This task is part of a higher-level task. For details, see How to Work with PAL.