Trend Settings Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to configure trend settings for a test, which Performance Center uses to automatically publish trend results.

To access
  1. On the My Performance Center navigation bar, select Test Management > Test Plan.

  2. Select a performance test in the test plan tree and click Edit Test.

  3. In the Performance Test Designer window, click Groups & Workload.

  4. Click the Select Automatic Trending Options button adjacent to the Trending box.

Important information
  • This option is not available if post-run actions are controlled by the administrator and the user does not have rights to collate results.

  • The trend report is not published (even if the test is marked for trending), if the post-run action is set to Do not collate results, or the test run ends without collating the data.

Relevant tasks

How to Define a Performance Test Workload

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Automatic Trending

On/Off. Enables or disables the automatic publishing of trend reports.

For tests set with automatic trending enabled, the trend report PDF is automatically created and attached to the run results at the end of the performance test run.


Displays a list of available reports, enabling you to select a report to which to add the performance test run data.

Select Create new report to add the performance test run data to a new trending report, and enter the name of the new report in the Report box.

Range to trend

Select the range to include in the trend report:

  • Trend complete run. Includes data for the whole test run in the report.

  • Trend part of run. Includes data for the time range specified.

    • Start time. Enter the start time, in hours and minutes, for including data in the report.

    • End time. Enter the end time, in hours and minutes, for including data in the report.

Max runs in report

Enter the number of runs to publish in the report.

Maximum value: 20

Action when max runs is reached

Select the action to take when the maximum number of runs has been reached:

  • Delete first run and set new baseline.

  • Do not publish additional runs.