Manage Performance Test Runs

The Runs page displays information for all test runs across all projects in the system. It enables you to view detailed information relating to the run state of the test, the Vusers involved, as well as host and timeslot information.

View or manage test runs

In Performance Center Administration, select Management > Runs.

User interface elements are described below:



Filter. Enables you to filter test runs to display only those that meet the criteria that you define.

The filter selection is displayed above the runs menu:

Note: The start time for runs is always displayed in the filter and cannot be cleared. You can change the displayed period in the Filter panel.

Delete run. Deletes the selected test runs.

Note: Enabled when the selected test runs are in an inactive state only.

Refresh. Refreshes the grid so that it displays the most up-to-date information.

Select Columns. Enables you to determine which fields to display in the grid.
Export to CSV. Enables you to export the test runs in the grid as a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

Stops the selected tests that are currently running.

Note: Enabled when the selected test runs are in the Initializing, Running, or Stopping states only.

Opens the Performance Test Run screen, enabling you to view and manage the test run. For details, see the Performance Test Run Page (Online Screen).

Note: Enabled when test run is in the Running state only.

If you analyze a test run after it has run, or recalculate the SLA, or add the test run to a trend report, then the action is added to a data processing queue, enabling you to see when the action is performed.

The name given to the test when it was created.

Run ID

The test's run ID.


The Controller involved in the test run.

Duration (min)

The time, in minutes, that the test took to run.

Note: You should not manually edit this field.

Start Time

The start time of the run.

Note: You should not manually edit this field.

End Time

The end time of the run.

Note: You should not manually edit this field.

Load Test Unique ID The identification number of the performance test. This number is automatically generated by the system when the performance test starts running.

The test's domain name.

Project Name

The test's project name.


The state of the test run. If a test is stuck in a particular state, you can change it.


The name of the user running the test.

Note: You can also manage test runs in ALM Lab Management. For details, see the ALM Lab Management Guide.

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Calculate repository size for run results and script files

Performance Center requires a lot of disk space for storing script files and run results for large projects.

For details on how to calculate the amount of space you need and for setting the frequency for cleaning results, see Calculate File Repository Size.

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